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I have some spare PCB's


These PCB's are free but you do have to reimburse the postage costs.

​Payment for those postage costs will be to a PayPal or Revolut account.

I can post ordinary mail or registered mail - you choose and take the risk.

It may be cheaper to follow the links to EASYEDA and and get five boards than pay postage for these.

Typical postage costs are:

  • Ireland ordinary mail = € 2.60

  • Ireland registered = € 8.20

  • UK ordinary mail = £ 5.00

  • UK registered mail = £ 12.00

  • EU ordinary mail = € 5.00

  • EU registered mail = € 12.00


Testing your multimeter

From the March 2024 edition of PW. 










I have four of these PCB's to go to good homes.



In the January 2022 edition of PW I showed the schematic for the QPD (figure 2 and 3) and the built PCB (figure 4).  













There are no modifications required to this V2 PCB. While some of the component hole spacing’s are not perfect, everything can be easily made to fit, all components are orientated as per the silkscreen and all/most of the component designators are in the right positions.


I have two of these PCB's to go to good homes.



In the July 2022 edition of PW I indicated that I had made a PCB for the MCU and the DDS.  The schematic is in this document and the built PCB is shown in figure 3 of the article.











You need to make two modifications by cutting two tracks as shown in this document. If you are concerned then I can cut those for you before posting.


I have two of these PCB's to go to good homes.


​​Updated - 1 February 2024

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