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Signal Distribution Amplifier ( 1 - 500 MHz).

This article has been accepted for publishing in PW Magazine ( to be published in late 2024.

  • High resolution photos and schematics will be linked here

  • Information on some of the components used will be linked here

  • How to get the gerbers or just order the PCB will be linked here.

  • The ZIP of the VISIO file I used to make the decals will be linked here.


I may/will have some spare parts / PCB's - list will appear here.


The photo above indicates 1 - 30 MHz and not 1 - 500 MHz as per the title.  This is because the photo is of the unit that has the BPF installed on the PCB limiting it to HF.


​​Updated -  1 February 2024

Front and Back view - Big.png
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